wired shoot light
wired shoot light
17 Sep 2013

The Joy of Cooking – with Science!

This was the scene out on the deck at Golden HQ (aka our house) last month as the fine crew from Wired pumped enough light into our kitchen to put Las Vegas to shame! Today, Wired’s food issue (with an introduction by David Chang) went live, and along with it a couple of videos where I demonstrate how to make some of the tasty recipes featured in the magazine. I’m not gonna lie, I poached as many copies as I could carry when I went over to Wired’s offices this morning. Mom? Grandma? Make some room on the fridge – I’m on the same page as Alfonso freakin’ Cuaron! That’s page 14 for those of you planning to run out and grab the issue as soon as it hits newsstands later this month (wink wink).


Let’s talk about the recipes. The first one, an umami bomb in the form of shiitake flatbread, was written by Bon Appétit in partnership with the Momofuku Culinary Lab. Those of you who know what a Chang fan girl I am can appreciate how stoked I was to work on it. And the second recipe, written by none other than Alton Brown, features a new high-tech plant-based protein in a tasty Chicken-free sweet potato hash.


Check out the videos and let me know what you think. Clearly I’m no Ina Garten, but lucky for me Wired has some top notch editors! A special thanks to my pal Stephanie Hua of Lick My Spoon for being such a big help on shoot day.


The Wired shoot
look ma! i'm in wired!
big ol stack of wired mags

Photos by Stephanie Hua and Lauren Godfrey. Videos by Wired.

9 Responses to “The Joy of Cooking – with Science!”

  1. Michelle Hudson

    You are the ONLY person I know who could decide to switch careers, focus more on food/cooking, and within a few short months end up in Wired. Wow! Way to go sis. I’m uber proud of you.

  2. Love this and not just because you are an awesome friend — I’m always looking for ways to cook up some yummy veg friendly dishes and this is a home run. I love the comfort food aspect. Keep up the great work!!! I can’t wait to see what you’re dishin’ up next.


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