22 Apr 2014

in season: peas

Despite the fact that we are completely spoiled by amazing produce year round in Northern California, I still get giddy when spring goes into full swing and english peas make their first appearance at the markets. It’s funny to think that I used to despise peas as a child – I associated them with the sad, frozen, pea, lima bean, corn and carrot combo that made its way on to my plate far too often in my youth. Fresh english peas, however, are something to cherish, as is the zen act of releasing them from their pods. In the past couple of weeks I’ve shelled about 10 pounds of peas for various meals, including a spring pea pot pie that I’ve been craving ever since I first tasted it at The Fat Radish in New York a few years back. After doing some hunting around online, I found that Refinery29 did a feature on The Fat Radish and posted the recipe for the world to enjoy. This pie totally speaks to my pea cravings as it uses 3 kinds of peas – english, snap and snow – and it was delicious, though I did need to make some modifications to the recipe. The puree threatened to overwhelmed the whole peas and almost made it more like a soup, so I added more blanched peas (and seasoning) to the mix. I also found the blanching time to be long and cut it down a bit so my precious peas weren’t too soft.

My cravings for the green pods didn’t end there, so decided see what the blogosphere was up to on the pea front and I wasn’t disappointed. As always, I was completely inspired by all of the talented and creative people out there creating fabulous content and thought I would share the top of my “to make” list here with you. Enjoy!



pea recipes for days!


my new roots: spring abundance bowl


mimi thorisson: spring soup


101 cookbooks: green pea soup


happyolks: peas and bows


the first mess: a real mess of peas


my darling lemon thyme: chilled pea avocado mint soup


cook republic: quinoa and pea spice croquettes


dolly and oatmeal: sugar snap, tatsoi + zucchini rice bowl

4 Responses to “in season: peas”

  1. It makes me laugh that American’s call them English peas – to us they are just peas! Though usually found in frozen packs in the freezer year round rather than these beautiful fresh ones!

  2. Colleen

    Lauren – I get that exact same giddy feeling every spring when I see English Peas for the first time! Last week I bought an entire bag and went straight home and ate them all right out of their pods ;) You have put together such a wonderful collection of posting and recipes – thank you! I am especially excited to try Mimi Thorrison’s Spring Soup. I just have to make sure that this time I don’t eat all the peas before I have a chance to cook them!! After that, I’m on the hunt for a good pea ravioli recipe – something with mint and pine nuts and cheese. Happea cooking!!

    • wegolden

      Thanks so much Colleen! It means so much that you like the post and comments are the fuel to my fire! :)


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