lemon verbena sage thyme tea
lemon verbena sage thyme tea
1 Nov 2013

Fresh herbs tea

This post is totally inspired by Daniel Humm’s Roast Chicken at the NoMad, I just substituted the chicken with a tea pot. OK, it’s not at all the same thing, but I saw that chicken for the first time on a trip to Manhattan earlier this year and couldn’t get over the beauty of all of those fresh herbs jutting out of that chicken’s… well… moving on…

I usually make tea from bags with dried leaves and herbs, which can be quite delicious, but as demonstrated by that crazypants chicken, there’s something awesome about the presentation of a wild bouquet of herbs. Not to mention, tea made from fresh herbs has a wonderful aroma and tastes delicate and lovely. The next time you have people over for breakfast, lunch or dinner, forage through whatever herbs you have growing out in your garden, or leftover in your crisper. Then arrange them in a pot and keep them out as decoration until it’s time to douse them with boiling H2O.

This works best with sturdy, woody herbs. I used lemon verbena, thyme and sage, but you could also try rosemary, mint, oregano, lavender, marjoram… whatever you have around. As with most things, I would keep it simple and use 3 or fewer different types of herbs. Now go get yourself a shawl collar cardigan, turn on some Yawny Bear and put your kettle on the fire. It’s tea time!



Fresh herbs tea “recipe”

Gather your herbs. Clean them. Pour hot water over them. Let them steep for at least 5 minutes. Strain and enjoy!


herbs bouquet
cleaning herbs
herbs in the pot
making herbs tea
delicious herbs tea

Photos by the one and only Bess Friday! She’s the bessssssst!

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